Fnaf World Online

About Fnaf World Online

Fnaf World Online takes you to the brand new world of Freddy and his friends! This is a free online flash version of FNaF World created by Scott Cawthon. The gameplay mechanics will be completely different from the previous FNAF chapters. No more creepy elements to go through, no more deadly working nights to deal with! This time, you are allowed to choose your favorite animatronics, then set them as a party before entering the battle. Your party will now consist of some adorable animatronics that have various abilities. After launching the fight against lots of robotic enemies, you must take control of your party carefully, utilize their special skills to take out the rivals. Not only the tiny foes, but also you have to defeat all big bosses. Winning more battles will give you a lot of tokens! When you make a progress, you will unlock more animatronics which can be added to your party. The game even allows you to walk around this world to discover all mysteries. Hope you have a blast with it!

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How To Play

Choose animatronics, set your party, interact with animatronics and control in the game by utilizing your mouse.

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