Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Get ready to explore FNaF World Simulator Demo 2 for more challenges, adventures, and features now! This fan-made game gives you a new experience. You will play with so many famous animatronics as well as enjoy some old parts that are already remade.

New description

Redbear and White Rabbit will make everything clear in the game. However, the demo still hasn’t contained other stuff.

Unlocked brand new animatronics

In your fight, you can see a brilliant arrow on the top of your animatronic. If you fight him off, he will engage in your team.

The attacks of animatronic

All the animatronics are equipped with different assault style. You should use their handy assaults wisely to defeat the enemies.


In the original FNaF World, bosses are the enemies that you may have searched for. They can make a decision on working with you. If they do, you can pick them and let them help you defeat some enemies. They are kind of handy soldiers! However, if the rivals have a BossDrain, all of his stamina and health will be depleted. Make sure you will heal him!

When all the occurrences of the game come to an end, the chaos will happen to the enemies, causing them to get reduced. Then, Redbear will send out 4 rivals to defeat CO and Freddy. But, it won’t be easy for the enemies to vanquish the most powerful animatronics.

The game lets you become a merciless player who has to finish off the good guys.

How to play

Your team must consist of 8 animatronics. When you make a progress, you can find more animatronics. No need to enhance their skills, but you need to upgrade your team. Go find more EXP in the boxes! Several boxes will give you 50, 100 or 300. Go chase down the bosses! They are covering up themselves in the shadows. Make them decide and persuade them to engage in your team. They will help you with many interesting things.

You will have an ending if you:

  • Vanquish the game like always, and go after Redbear.
  • Fight against Redbear
  • Find Scott Cawthon and compete against Freddy
  • Find Chipper then fight against Freddy
  • Find Supreme Fredbear
  • Find Crash Kandicoot
  • Getting into a ruined object
  • Find the fan
  • All animatronics and clock ending must battle against Freddy.

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