Stickman Five Nights Survival 2

There are many FNAF APK games to download, and Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 is one of them bringing you a horror adventure where you have to use your survivability to conquer all challenges. This title is a nice combination of FNAF and Stickman. Rather than trying to survive all creepy nights in a pizzeria, now, you will come to a stickman madhouse! Have your skills ready for this FNAF APK game now!

Download Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK
Download Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK

About Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK

Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 is the second horror stickman game in Stickman Five Nights Survival series. The game takes inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s – a famous horror game by Scott Cawthon, and it also features the Stickman element. As mentioned above, this title is set in a stickman madhouse rather than a pizzeria. The owner of this stickman madhouse is in need of a worker who can work at night protecting the building. You take this job and start to work there for five nights.

The most interesting thing about Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK free download is that all characters are in the Stickmen shapes, from the night watchman to the animatronics. You are a stickman night guard who needs to sit in an office equipped with cameras. The mission for free is to check all corners inside the madhouse by keeping an eye on the security cameras. The madhouse inmates start roaming, so you need to use the trackers to find out the whereabouts of them. Make use of the new stun button to electrocute the stickman and prevent them from moving for a short time. Also, you need to close the doors in time to stop those inmates from coming inside to attack you. Your goal is to survive all five night shifts and get to the end of the week to become the winner!

In-game features

  • 5 creepy nights for you to complete and conquer
  • All characters come in the shapes of Stickmen.
  • Simple graphics but great gameplay mechanics
  • Lots of equipment and items are featured in the night watchman’s room.
  • Easy to download

Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 1.1 Update

The update 1.1 for Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 was already launched on June 26th, 2018 to better the gameplay:

  • Made an update to EU GDPR.
  • Made some fixes to the game engine.

Download Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK

Download Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK for free

Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 APK free download is now available. Feel free to download this horror adventure game to your Android device using an APK file then launch it for cool challenges. This is a chance for you to show your survivability.

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