Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns

About Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns

It’s free to play Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns online with no download! It is one of the top scary games based on Five Nights at Freddy’s, a popular series of Scott Cawthon. In which, you will start with an overnight security guard working at a strange antique shop. It is a creepy place where you are going to face-to-face a lot of deadly situations. Your mission in Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns unblocked is to defend yourself from all of the roaming machines. The building is haunted and occupied by numerous cursed dolls. They have sweet names, including Pogi, Sally, Logi, and other friends. They are actually terrifying creatures and they are your enemies in FNAF Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns. If you want to stay alive at the end of each stage and open up the next level, you must prevent them from entering your office. Their jumpscares will make you lose in a wink. Try to optimize devices as weapons and conquer 6 nights!

How To Play

Use Left Mouse Button to turn on the lights, arrow keys to control cameras and the mask, Spacebar to manage the flashlight

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